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  • Update

    Well, it’s been a while folks. My work travels have finally ended and now I am back in the kitchen. However there have been a few drastic changes that have completely changed the way we cook and eat. Oat of melonoat has a gluten, tapioca, and soy allergy! That means no flour, no gluten-free premixed […]

  • Upcoming FoodBuzz Festival 10/19-10/20

    We are really excited to be attending our 3rd FoodBuzz Festival this year 10/19-20 in San Francisco! One more week to go until a food filled weekend. The agenda looks great and I’ve already booked reservations Friday night at Acquerello . Hope to meet some more bloggers and reconnect with those of you we’ve met […]

  • Melonoat Update

    Hello melonoat readers! Sorry for the extremely long delay in posts, but it was for a good cause. Between all my traveling for work, Tao and I had to plan for our wedding which took place a few weeks ago on 1/21/12! I promise now that all that is done, the cooking and posts shall […]

  • Behind in posting..

    Sorry for the lag in posting entries folks! I’ve been busy working in NY and have not had much time in the kitchen. I have some recipes backlogged that were made previously that I will be posting soon. So wait no more! Many of you have told me that you’ve made a few of the […]

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates.. I’ve been traveling a lot and haven’t had much time in the kitchen. But fear not happy readers, I will be traveling to Taiwan for a few weeks and will bring you recipes directly from the source…

  • The New Year has been off to a slow start!

    Happy  New Year! Happy MLK Day! Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy President’s Day! Sorry for the hold up people, but life has been inundated with work work work.  I am finally getting around to updating the blog, and my resolution for the year to have more consistent posts! 🙂

  • We are now on Twitter!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that you can now receive instant updates of our site from Twitter! Follow us at @melonoat here!

  • Slow October

    SORRY readers! It’s been a slow month… especially since I’ve been traveling for work for the last three weeks.  We’ve got a backlog of recipies and are working on posting them as soon as we can!  Here’s a quick rundown of whats to come… Hummus Falafel Stewed beef

  • Welcome to our PERMANENT home!

    We’ve decided to move our blog to a permanent location:! No more downtime and no more weird addresses to remember! We hope you continue to enjoy our site. And as always, we are always open to new recipes. Coming soon…

  • Happy Thursday

    Happy Thursday everyone! Now which one is the real bun… We’ve made a few updates to the site, besides the new hosting site. Check out the right side for a live message board. A little teaser of upcoming recipies: -Spaghetti Sauce -Few more recipes from Food & Wine -The right way to cut an onion […]