How to Poach Eggs

Oh silly me.  I thought poached eggs were so difficult to do and only good for eggs benedict.  But I have quickly learned that poached eggs are so simple to make and oh so healthy because there is no oil involved.  Oh, and yet again there is a secret ingredient that makes it all work… vinegar! Oh you’ll never go back to cooking eggs with oil!

2 eggs (try to let sit to room temp)
1 tbsp white vinegar


1. Use a shallow pan and fill with enough water to barely cover the eggs (about 2 in high). Turn on stove to medium heat and heat water. When the water begins to slightly bubble and has a sheen to it, add in the vinegar. Make sure the water does not BOIL. It will destroy the egg and you will have egg drop soup instead.

heating water heating water to a sheen

3. Carefully crack and gently add in the eggs, using the side of the pan to slide it in. If you are not sure of yourself, you can first crack the eggs into a cup and use the cups to pour the eggs into the pan. You can cook up to 4 eggs at one time, but I’d only do two at a time. If the top of the egg is not submerged in the water, just use a spoon to gently pour some water over the top of the eggs to help set the tops.

For poached eggs with set whites and warm yolks, cook room temperature eggs 2 minutes, chilled eggs 3 minutes. For set yolks cook 2 minutes longer.

cooking egg

4. Use a slotted spatula to gently remove the egg from the pan so that the water drains. You can put the eggs on a kitchen towel or paper towel to remove the excess water. Serve egg however you would like-

Add them for eggs benedict…
cooking egg serve egg

…with toast
serve egg

…with soy sauce chicken
serve egg

…the possibilities are endless.. enjoy!





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