Chinese Style Marinated Chicken

This is a simple dish and always turns out delicious. If I had entries with 5 ingredients or less, this is one of them. And if I had 30-minute meal entires, this would be one too. Plus, with the smaller drumettes, they cook faster and make great finger foods.


1 package of chicken drumettes
1 bottle Chicken Marinade
1 cup cooking wine
1 quarter sized chunk of ginger


1. Boil water in a medium sized pot (large enough to hold the drumettes). Add the drummettes and boil for ~5 min to clean the meat. Drain the water and put back on stove.

2. Add the ginger and wine to the pot with the drumettes. Pour in the chicken marinade until the meat is covered. Boil then turn down heat and let simmer for ~30 minutes.

3. Eat and enjoy! I like saving the broth and adding some with my rice…





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