Guest Blog #1: Cucumbers and Sam Jang Sauce

Last weekend we threw a dumpling party, at the request of Cindy. Don’t worry, those posts are coming. Anyways, AYoo brought over an appetizer of cucumbers and pepper paste, which I thought was delicious and hit the spot. I’ve been to some Korean restaurants where this sauce is way to salty, but this one was just the right amount.

So of course I asked if he would be my semi-guest blog and send me the recipe and a picture of the sauce. Thanks Ayoo!

“Here’s the recipe for the sauce I had with the cucumbers. Goes good with a lot of korean stuff.” -AYoo


1.5 Tbs Soybean paste (deng jang) (brown tub)
1 Tbs Hot Pepper paste (kouchu jang) (red tub)
1 Tbs sesame seed oil
1 clove minced garlic
sesame seeds
finely chopped green onions
something to go with the sauce: in this case, cucumbers.






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