Jalapeno Cornbread

Sometimes you just feel like some cornbread. I used to just make cornbread from Jiffy mix, but then started making it from scratch. I found a recipe on the back of Quaker Yellow Corn Meal for cornbread and have been slowing adapting it…

Original Recipe
Original Recipe

So what I’ve done to make it a bit healthier is..

Flour: I’ll mix in whole wheat flour with the all purpose flour (anywhere from half to less)

Sugar: I use brown sugar

Oil: I don’t add any

Creamed Corn: I add in a can of this to add some corn kernels and add moistness since I skip the oil

Milk: I usually have to add in a little more based on how the batter is looking

Jalapenos: I’ll chop up 1-2 jalapenos, depending on the spice level and toss it in the batter

Cheese: Sometimes I’ll sprinkle some mozzerella on top for some golden brown goodness.

Muffin pan: I like to use the mini muffin pan for bite sized cornbread. This recipe will usually fill 3 mini muffin trays (12/tray) and one mini loaf pan.

mini cornbread
mini cornbread
jalapenos add some kick!
jalapenos add some kick!





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