Upcoming FoodBuzz Festival 10/19-10/20

We are really excited to be attending our 3rd FoodBuzz Festival this year 10/19-20 in San Francisco! One more week to go until a food filled weekend. The agenda looks great and I’ve already booked reservations Friday night at Acquerello .

Hope to meet some more bloggers and reconnect with those of you we’ve met in the past!

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3 Responses to “Upcoming FoodBuzz Festival 10/19-10/20”

  1. Ken says:

    Hope you guys are able to post more amazing recipe’s My wife and I have used many we found on your blog. Hope you have a good weekend being foody.

    • Ellen says:

      YES… I’ve got some on the way (including another green onion pancake recipe). but it has been so difficult lately with all the travel for work. Wish I could do this FULL TIME!

  2. Ken Ball says:

    Hi guys, we are really looking forward to more recipe’s from you both. My wife and I just moved from Denver to Portland, OR (very foodie here), but miss seeing your installments.

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