My guilty pleasure…

Since I forgot to take pics of this week’s meals (I’ve got to be better at remembering to document), I’m going to share with you the few foods I can’t get enough of… These were taken on Valentine’s Day.

Can you guess what they are?

Thanks to me on the set up and tao for his sweet canon macro lens.

guilty pleasure #1

guilty pleasure #1

guilty pleasure #2

guilty pleasure #2

I’ll post up the answers soon… :)

updated on 4/13/19


the answer is…


Wendys! (Spicy Chicken Sandwich combo with small chili) yum!

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2 Responses to “My guilty pleasure…”

  1. jennifer tsao says:

    if the answer is wendy’s i’m ellen’s best roommate of all time. -JT

  2. ellen says:

    you are the winner! and for the prize… i will make dinner for you tonight! after you go to the grocery store first. :)

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